E-mail Marketing Campaign Dashboard

(Dashboard Creation | Insights)

Objective: Create an Email Marketing Campaign Dashboard in Power BI to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and visualize user data from 2017 to 2020, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Project Highlights:
     I. Comprehensive Email Marketing Dashboard.
     II. Multi-year data analysis (2017-2020).
     III. Interactive visuals for user demographics and behavior.
     IV. Geographic representation of user sign-ups.
     V. Insights to optimize email marketing strategies.

Visuals Built:
I. KPIs:
   o Active Users, Enrollment from Married Users, Users from Home State (Displayed in Slice tiles format for 2017-2020).
II. Donut Charts:
   o Marital Status Distribution of Sign-ups.
   o Active User Status Distribution.
III. Bar Chart:
   o Gender Distribution of Sign-ups.
   o Count of Sign-ups on Weekends vs. Weekdays.
   o User Sign-ups by State.
   o User Sign-ups by City.
   o Activity by Hour of the Day.
   o Living Status Distribution of Users.
IV. Slider with Filter(value) box:
   o Months selection
V. Interactive Map:
   o User Sign-ups by State.

(Plesae sign in to your Power BI account to access the interactive embedded dashboard.
If you don't possess an account, the snapshot below provides a decent representation of the Project Management Dashboard.)

E-mail Marketing Campaign Dashboard (Snapshot)

PM dashboard 1

o More than 11,600 people actively used the service. Among them, 11,300 were married, and only 2,500 came from Andhra Pradesh, where the campaign originated, over a four-year period.
o Hyderabad was the city where most people registered.
o In terms of sign-ups, Telangana had more participants than Andhra Pradesh, which was where the campaign started.
o Married individuals made up the majority of sign-ups.
o There were almost twice as many male sign-ups compared to female sign-ups.
o The most common sign-up times were between 9 AM and 2 PM Indian Standard Time.
o Couples without children were the primary group signing up among those specifying their living status.