Project Management Dashboard

(Dashboard Creation | Insights)

Objective: To streamline real estate project management processes and enhance decision-making by utilizing data visualization techniques in Power BI.

Project Highlights:
     I. Developed an interactive dashboard to monitor and manage real estate projects efficiently.
     II. Used complex parameters to drill down in worksheet and customization using filters and slicers.
     III. Created connections, calculations to manipulate data and enable user driven parameters for visualizations
     IV. Incorporated different visualization types to enhance data comprehension

Visuals Built:
I. Project Overview:
   o Project summary in tabular form highlighting Project Name, Project Type and Status of project. It also includes distinct representations of ‘Project Benefits’ and ‘Project Cost’ in coloured bar chart.
II. Project Timeline:
   o Color-coded bar chart that displays the count of projects in 5 different phases.
III. Financial Performance:
   o Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for various project categories such as Cost Reduction, Income Generation, Process Improvement, and Working Capital, showcasing financial indicators for finance department.
   o Donut charts that display cost and benefits of project across different regions.
IV. Project Type Analysis:
   o Slicers (List type) for depicting the different project types within the portfolio.
   o Slicers (List type)for selecting particular project.
V. Sales and Benefits:
   o Clustered column chart comparing project cost and sales for different years.
VI. Location Insights:
   o Slicers (Tiles) showcasing the distribution of projects across different regions.
VII. Search bar
   o Search bar for dynamic filtering and intuitive navigation.
The Report contains:
   I. Different KPIs
   II. Bar Chart
   III. Line Chart
   IV. Slicers Tiles
   V. Doughnut Chart
   VI. Tabular (Grid) Chart

(Plesae sign in to your Power BI account to access the interactive embedded dashboard.
If you don't possess an account, the snapshot below provides a decent representation of the Project Management Dashboard.)

Project Management Dashboard (Snapshot)

PM dashboard 1

o The trendline of KPIs highlighted as project type for finance team, shows decline in KPIs suchas Income Generation, Process Improvement and working capital while the efforts seems to be made for Cost reduction lately.
o Projects in the north region, contributing significantly to overall revenue whereas projects in east are bottom of table with 20%.
o Most projects (40 numbers) are in advanced stages of Implementation (phase-4) and Measure (phase-5) whereas only 12 projects are in exploration phase (phase-1).
o Overall project benefits were double the project cost which is a healthy sign for the project management company.

Unusual trend:
o The profit margin ( Project Benefit- Project Cost) was stagnant for last 3 years and has declined when compared to earlier two years which seems to highlight challenges due to recent global pandemic on real-estate sector.